AI Communis has raised USD500,000 to deploy its speech technology on an AI video editing software to meet global video consumption

AI Communis raised USD500,000 to deploy its speech technology on an AI video editing software to meet global video consumption Singapore, 17th September 2021- AI Communis Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based startup with Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies announced today its first external fundraising of USD500,000 from angel investors across Singapore, […]

AI Communis accepted into Microsoft Startups Program

Among these recent days of negative news from the pandemic, we could not be happier to receive an email to announce that AI Communis has been accepted into Microsoft Startups Program. As a new deep tech startup, we are in need of all support to scale ourselves to the next level.

BLOCK 71 SEA booster Programme

We have been keeping ourselves busy as part of the Deep Tech and Start-Up community ever since we started our business in Singapore. Shortly after our EY programme, we were selected to participate in the 2021/1 cohort of the BLOCK 71 SEA Booster Programme. Stay tuned to learn about the people in the programme and […]

Emerging as a winner with over 270 participants to join the EY Foundry Programme

AI Communis emerged as one of the 12 winners and one of the two from Singapore to participate in the EY Foundry incubator programme. This is the first time that they have extended their applications to 7 countries, receiving more than 270 applications in total.

Online IT Exhibition on 10 March 2021

AI Communis will be joining the online IT exhibition organised by Dell Technologies Chubu / West Japan World for Mid-sized Companies, under the category for Work Load Reduction. Check us out and see how we could assist in your work reduction process. Register to participate in the event held online on Wednesday, 10 March 2021, […]

SGTech: AI Communis, a B2B SaaS startup

AI Communis is a B2B SaaS company that provides Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) based solutions to help enterprises capitalize their audio data. Click on image to read more

Startup Battle in Japan

2020 is the year that many of us will remember due to the pandemic. For us at AI Communis, it was a year of growth and venturing out beyond our comfort zone. We joined the Annual TechCrunch Startup Battle and Mr Suzuki, our CEO, went to Japan to participate in the Battle. Catch us in […]

Outbound Program under X-Hub Tokyo

Artificial Intelligence has been the talk of the town and Singapore government has also set up agencies to help make this industry boom. Being a foreign startup in Singapore, tapping on this program has given AI Communis lots of insight and this is the best way to get to know Singapore business ecosystem. Find out […]