AI Communis raised USD500,000 to deploy its speech technology on an AI video editing software to meet global video consumption

Singapore, 17th September 2021- AI Communis Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based startup with Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies today announced its first external fundraising of USD500,000 from angel investors across Singapore, Japan, and the US. The fund will be used for the product development and market launch of ‘AURIS’, a web-based platform to help content creators make content accessible with automatic translation and subtitling. 

The rise of the creators economy, led by Gen Z, and the Covid-19 pandemic, has led to an increase in video content consumption. With over 9 official languages in 11 Southeast Asia countries (not including English and Chinese), captions and translation help widen the audiences for video. The speech technology is particularly able to cover local SEA languages such as Indonesian, Thai, Tagalog, and other regional SEA languages. A range of languages is available, and the AI engine is said to support an acute understanding of local accents.

This makes the technology particularly helpful for content creators and even professionals. According to Nobuhiko Suzuki, CEO and Co-founder of AI Communis, “Our vision is to create a truly borderless multilingual video environment in Asia.”

AI Communis is a leading company in ASR software development based in Singapore. With a strong foundation in software development, the company aims to be the best in the field of speech recognition. Previous such technologies from these founders have been partnered by major technology companies and governments. 

“Because we are present on the ground in these countries, we are able to collect a large database of audio data and knowledge,” says Kenny Wang, COO of AI Communis

Alpha Version of Auris (Not Final)

AURIS is a video editing product that gives content creators powerful speech recognition in addition to easy editing and publishing capabilities. To date, AI Communis has developed a beta version of a speech recognition engine for Standard Singapore English with the National Speech Corpus provided by IMDA Singapore. AURIS is expected to launch its closed beta in October 2021 and public beta in December 2021. 

In future, the company aims to develop new speech-to-text engines for Southeast Asian languages as well as products for other industries than Media & Entertainment industry. The technology will be particularly helpful for healthcare, education, and financial compliance. “We are looking towards future funding and expansion,” says Suzuki. “If you need a world-leading speech recognition capability, we can help you.”

AI Communis is welcoming Reimu Sugita, who has experience in launching many services as an entrepreneur, as an external director. In addition, Kenny Wang will join the company as COO to accelerate business development in Southeast Asia based in Singapore. The company is also looking to strengthen its engineering and product design teams for further growth in the future.

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